Introduction to Somatic Touch

January 20, 2018

440 Forest Avenue, Portland Maine

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The Body as Experience

(workshop completed)
A new introduction to somatic psychotherapy
Saturday, December 10, 2016

440 Forest Avenue, Portland, Maine                                          Each day limited to 8 participants

This training will focus on two aspects of body awareness as they apply to healing and psychotherapy. First, is awareness of the whole body and the state of whole body – which both deepens presence, and begins to uncover somatic patterns previously out of awareness. Second, is the more differentiated awareness through systems, or layers of the body, where we can focus attention on the most over- or under-worked systems. With the combination of these skills we can more directly address the activation patterns created by developmental or traumatic events and begin to effect change or move energy in the body. Immediate learning objectives for the day include

How to gain access to the body


How to maintain presence in the body


How to expand the capacity of the body to manage states of high arousal and dissociation


How to engage trauma patterns in the body

The deep structural presence inherent in this work makes it a powerful tool for the management and healing of trauma, anxiety, and accumulated stress. We will also discuss how to integrate this work with various other therapeutic modalities and how to introduce clients to somatic work.

These workshops are open to first-time as well as continuing students who wish to deepen their practice.

Time: 9am to 4pm        Cost: $200.00

To register early please email Douglas Smith at or go to the mail-in registration form or go to the mail-in registration form HERE

Directions and workshop details will be included later in your confirmation.